Zouclougeist Alliance

A Brief Statement of Purpose

The Zouclougeist Alliance is an ancient clan brought to the Lok'Groton Islands by exiles from the mainland well before the Ripture War, and re-established shortly after the War in the year 533. The Alliance is dedicated to the obscure teachings of the semi-mythical Emperor Duck, the nature of which are subtle and not easily explained to the non-initiate. You will find the members of the Alliance to be witty, sophisticated companions who are always prepared to assist those in distress, and darn good-looking besides.

Are You a Zou?

You can tell you're a Zou (or have the potential to be one) if you exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

Zouclougeist News

12.7.08 Arutha and Gloria are now members. We had five of us out of the library at the same time!

(Gareth refused to let go of his fence for the ceremony.)

29.3.04 Sonja and Squirr'l are back!

8.3.04 Kwet is back!

9.9.03 View the mighty visage of the young Emperor Clouclou.

14.5.03 Good luck to Kamik and Benylin in their new clan, Thoom Tabarnak.

16.11.02 Clan scrolls temporarily relocated (again) to http://homepage.mac.com/normsdiary/zouclougeist/.

16.11.02 Norm (finally) passes Fifth.

16.11.02 The ZA exhibit is in the Museum! View a closeup here.

24.9.02 Hepta is promoted to full mystic.

16.5.02 Clan scrolls temporarily relocated to http://members.aol.com/carlf/zouclougeist/.

16.10.01 Ffodor joins Afrit and Gareth in the Fifth Circle. He's chubby, but he's tough!

3.10.01 View our tribute to the late Emperor Grizou.

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